Hackney Council sells nearly twice as many council homes as it builds

From 2010 to 2022, Hackney Council built just 464 council rent homes in the borough. During that same 12 year period, they sold 895 homes. That’s a net loss of 431 units of public housing, despite thousands of Hackney residents being in insecure and temporary accomodation, sometimes for years. Thanks to Ruth Parkinson for findingContinue reading “Hackney Council sells nearly twice as many council homes as it builds”

Our response to the Dalston Plan

We have submitted feedback on the consultation process itself, on what we think is missing from the vision, and on housing and retail because these link directly to the Morning Lane People’s Space campaign and we have evidence of what Hackney residents want from our consultation.  This feedback is given below under the headings fromContinue reading “Our response to the Dalston Plan”

Hackney Council: do NOT cut the housing waiting list

At the beginning of 2021, we joined London Renters Union, Labour Campaign for Council Housing and other housing campaigners in opposing Hackney Council’s proposals to remove an estimated 7,000 people from the Council’s housing register (‘the housing waiting list’) that then stood at over 13,000. We understand that the current financial settlement and legislation makeContinue reading “Hackney Council: do NOT cut the housing waiting list”