Hackney Council sells nearly twice as many council homes as it builds

From 2010 to 2022, Hackney Council built just 464 council rent homes in the borough. During that same 12 year period, they sold 895 homes. That’s a net loss of 431 units of public housing, despite thousands of Hackney residents being in insecure and temporary accomodation, sometimes for years.

Thanks to Ruth Parkinson for finding this out and sharing it with us. She submitted a Freedom of Information request asking for “the total number of council homes sold under Right To Buy or other deals/schemes ie to developers total for each year 2010 to 2022” and the “number of council homes built year by year 2010 to 2022 not to include shared ownership or affordable housing as defined by the council”. The Council have told Ruth the total number of council homes sold but not how many were sold outside of Right to Buy, the national scheme under which tenants have a right to buy their council property.

You can see the year-by-year numbers supplied by Hackney Council above.

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