MOPS Podcast Series 

Our podcast series launching on 1st October shares detailed information about the campaign and the issues surrounding the Tesco site from a diverse range of perspectives shared by professionals and campaigners in our community.

We will release monthly podcasts which you can find here or on our sound cloud account.

Community Audio Project

A series of short audio testimonies about what our community hopes for the Tesco site, collected by MOPS campaigners outside Tesco.

Community Photo Project

The photos below show the Failed Fashion Hub development, which is located just behind the Tesco site. This development, or ghost town, was by the same developers that are now proposing to “rebuild” the Tesco site. To read more about the history of this failed development, visit BLOG.

The photos below show how busy the current Tesco site is, including the use of the supermarket and carpark. These were taken on a Sunday afternoon in November 2020. You can see that the carpark is not just used for cars but also for different community needs, for example the pop-up COVID-19 testing site and more celebratory events like Hackney carnival.